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Welcome to this blog. It is basically a collection of stories, letters, essays, reviews, and poems that I have written over the past years, some of which were published in the Santa Barbara Independent and other local publications.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Locus Amoenus

Bob Isaacson, Rancho San Julian Branding, 2010

Locus amoenus: The last four days have been amazing-- I was horseback every day, roped at several old, old friends' brandings, trail rode for miles in canyons under continuous oak canopy, went to a Dave Stamey concert, searched for wild flowers with Sally, and ate amazing food everyday.

 Tonight, Katie surprised us with a dinner: homemade tapenade with olive oil and slices of a baguette; tube pasta topped with lean meat, several herbs and tomatoes; a green salad out of the garden with strawberries, avocados, and a homemade dressing: a raspberry tart from France with vanilla ice cream followed by strong coffee. We talked of our summer holidays in France and fell asleep on the sofas. 

The cows seem settled, their calves so fat they can only stand and stare at us. It is not too hot, not too cold. The hills are so green I can't look at them in direct sunlight.There are no stacks of essays to grade. The weed whip will not start. I don't deserve this. Pinch me. No,... don't. Locus amoenus.